UK Contributor Presentation: Tanvir Bush

  Part of Brave New World Exhibition

Tanvir Bush is an academic and novelist. Tanvir wrote a novel called CULL and this presentation draws on the key themes from this book.

Tanvir explains that she wanted to write about her own experiences of the cruelty of the UK benefits system and the impact it has on disabled people in the UK, and also its complete absurdity. She spent several years navigating the benefits system at exactly the same time when the media and government was projecting people on benefits, especially disability benefits as being fraudulent, as parasitic. She could later see that this was a deliberate propaganda push as the government were introducing a particularly punitive and cruel new welfare system. And they needed to convince the rest of society that these parasites, people like herself, had it coming!

There follows a debate between the artists involved in the project manifesting as a group response.