UK Contributor Presentation: Emmeline Burdett

  Part of Brave New World Exhibition

Emmeline is a writer and academic and in this presentation she discusses a number of themes that draw comparisons between Nazi ideology and contemporary prejudices and discrimination.  These themes include far right political ideologies which support benefit cuts and Brexit, the connections between euthanasia and the opposition to this through the Not Dead Yet campaign, and Nazi “Mercy” killings. 

Emmeline also talks about the nature of a “life not worth living” and when sustaining lives becomes questioned, and specifically talks about the tragic murder of disabled people in a residential home in Japan perpetrated by a previous care worker, as an act “inspired by the Nazi’s”.  Emmeline asks us to recognise this troubling eugenic ideology relating to disabled people being “unworthy” is an international problem and requires an international approach.

There follows a debate between the artists involved in the project manifesting as a group response.