German Contributor Presentation: Perel

  Part of Brave New World Exhibition

This video depicts mainly a stage in a black box theatre with a single performer and microphone. The show is called ‘Life (un) worthy of life: A Queer dis/Crip talk show’ and is said to be a way of bringing up the history of T4 in a comedy format.

Perel is a multi-disciplinary performer, and an artist from New York, working between New York and Berlin. They describes themself as a white, disabled Ashkenasi Jewish Queer person. In their travels they have found that eugenics is everywhere, and it’s evident in the structural ways that it shows up in our immediate lives. In terms of content for their work and research Perel knows that it won’t end.

Perel grew up being the only Jewish kid in a small town. They experienced discrimination there without any knowledge about the T4 program in Nazi Germany. It was only when they became older and had travelled to Germany and met and talked with other disabled artists about this topic that they became aware of it … their video focusses on this topic.


Response to Perel’s presentation from fellow artists.