Brave New World Exhibition

Brave New World is an international collaboration between the UK D4D project, The Netherlands partners Kreukel Collectief and German partners Berlinklusion to explore the complex and troubling issue of eugenics and the impact that “eugenic logic” imposed on disabled communities has had both in the past and in the present.

Looking back to the Nazi T4 euthanasia programme and Francis Galton’s original eugenic ideals, and forward to contemporary genetic screening policies, we believe that similar ideas underpin both old and new manifestations: some lives are worth more than others. In effect, we believe that it is important, not only to remember history, but to recognise its contemporary relevance.

The films you will see via the links below were made as part of online workshops between disabled artists, creatives academics and community members in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany.  Many contributors discuss different objects from the past or material that relates to the theme of eugenics.

In the Netherlands, we would particularly like to thank Eline Pollaert who acted as project co-ordinator and workshop facilitator.  We would also like to thank Paul Van Trigt as project adviser and Agnes van Wijnen and Jan Troost, who helped in the planning of the project.  In Berlin, we would like to thank Dirk Sorge and Kate Brehme for their project planning and facilitation.

Please note: this material is by its nature quite upsetting so take self-care when viewing the videos.