Tim Adlam (Engineer)

Designability / Global Disability Innovation Hub UCL

Portrait photograph of Tim Adlam

Tim Adlam

I am a multidisciplinary engineer working to create technology for a better life that is useful, beautiful, and useable by everybody. To learn, we explore; and to explore, we take risks. Technology can help us to do this and discover our full capability. I am an Associate Professor of Global Disability Innovation at UCL, and Principal Engineer at Designability.

I am currently working on dynamic seating for children with dystonic cerebral palsy, and powered mobility for preschool children. It’s important that children are able to learn how their bodies and the world work by exploring movement and the spaces and relationships in which they live. By understanding how and why children explore and play, we can create technology that can support them to learn and participate in life to their full capability.

I am working in D4D as an engineer with Praminda Caleb-Solly on Catch Me if You Can; and also as a parent, exploring reproductive choices and identity around disability and genetic conditions.

I gained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and became a Chartered Engineer and Clinical Scientist. I love canoeing with my family, play several woodwind instruments, and enjoy an occasional pear and chocolate crumble.