Jacqui Lovell-Norton (Associate Research Fellow)

Bath Spa University

Jacqui Lovell-Norton

I am an Associate Research Fellow on the D4D project at the Institute for Education at Bath Spa University, supporting and working with a broad range of people on disability arts projects. I am also an elected member of the Women’s Action Network Committee at Amnesty International.

In addition, I work with women and men who have experienced violence, abuse and torture and are in the asylum process within the UK in my capacity as a Doctor of Critical Community Psychology. Most of my life has been spent working with and in communities in the North of England, although I now live in Wales.

My PhD research drew on participatory approaches to research, with diverse people with lived experience of mental distress, who were part of a community organisation. We used a co-developed body mapping evaluation tool (B-mET) and participatory video production to record people’s past, present and hoped for future using creative arts in the process.

I actively use ‘bottom up’ approaches in the work that I do with the hope of collectively effecting social change that reflects the needs and aspirations of the people at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

I am interested to work with and learn from the people who take part in the D4D projects.