Colin Hambrook (Community Co Investigator)

Disability Arts Online

Photo of Colin Hambrook

I am working with Allan Sutherland on Electric Bodies, examining what it means to identify as a ‘disabled’ artist – the impact that has on an individual in relation to a community; and again what that means in terms of the development of an artform that reflects a socially-engaged body of arts practice.

As editor of Disability Arts Online I am also supporting the project by updating the website. I have worked at the hub of the Disability Arts Movement over several decades, as an editor / producer, publishing and showcasing work by disabled artists, fostering networks and enabling debates around the curation and development of disability arts practice.

As well as having exhibited artwork widely I am also author of two illustrated poetry collections: 100 Houses, DaDaSouth (2011) and Knitting Time (Waterloo Press, 2013).