Andy Auld (PhD Student)

    Bath Spa University

    Photo of Andy Auld

    I’m currently in the first year of a PhD in Disability and Cultural Studies at Bath Spa University. My background is in Cultural Studies (B.A) and Gender Studies (M.A) and I previously studied at The University of Sussex. Before starting my research I was working as a teaching assistant, with both adults and children, at a community art centre in North London.

    My research interests include disability, mental health, music and the arts, class and capitalism and the ways in which these intersect. My research will engage with the creative practices of learning disabled artists, during which we will generate shared outputs through inclusive research methodologies.

    The research will explore how senses of community and self are experienced in co-making, encompassing inclusive research, affect studies, disability studies and cultural studies. Email me at if you have any questions or suggestions.