Martin Levinson: out and about

On 10th February, 2017 I attended a networking event set up by PLUSS at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay.

The event presented an opportunity to showcase the work of employers going to special lengths to be inclusive. It also provided a forum to share the stories of some disabled people who, with the help of PLUSS, have found jobs after (often) long periods of searching.

On 15th February 2017 I had a meeting at the Department of Work and Pensions in London.

I must confess to going there with some trepidation, expecting to encounter rather faceless, if not sinister, people who viewed disabled people as difficult and costly statistics.

Instead, I met two charming individuals, who were disconcertingly human. The hope is that this will result in D4D developing channels to policy-makers, involving them in our work, and co-operating to identify (and hopefully, put in place) good practice.

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