Future Perfect | Future Imperfect – an e-book for our times

Artwork featuring the image of a blindfolded white woman framed by the side of a house with chimney pots

Collage by Sasha Saben-Callaghan

Future Perfect – Future Imperfect? is an e-book that links to the D4D project. The brief for contributions to this publication asked for projections into the future. What will the future look like for disabled people? How will we think of disability in the context of posthuman thinking and scientific advances that will enable us to create human / technology hybrids?

The D4D team did a call-out for contributions in the form of artwork, photographs, short prose pieces, short stories, poetry, reflections about places, spaces or artefacts, manifestos for the future. The general theme related from general expectations about the future to concerns and hopes around our own lives.

Dedicated to the memory of Sue Porter who was the initial driving force behind the D4D project the book is set out in three sections following the themes of Hidden Legacies / Recycled Dreams, Imagined Futures and Fluid Identities / New Spaces.

It contains contributions by Allan Sutherland, Misfits Theatre, Praminda Caleb Solly, Esther Fox, Stuart Read & Anne Parfitt, Diane Carr, Milo Griffiths, Lindsay Sedgewick, Bogsey, George Parker, Tanvir Bush, Andreas Hechler, Lindsay Sedgewick, Sarah L Bell, Mik Scarlet, Shapiro, Bill Moody, Paul Leyland, Martin Levinson and Colin Hambrook.

You can download a PDF of Future Perfect Future Imperfect or view the book below via Yumpu

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