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Hate crime, intersectionaility and the Academy

photo of workshop

Dr Tanvir Bush reports on a workshop at Bath University on 31 October, 2019. The theme was ‘Disability and hate crime in higher education’ and was part of a newly created six-week course titled ‘Tackling Hate Crime in Higher Education.’.

D4D Themes in discussion at Stoke

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There are some key themes emerging from the eight project strands of D4D as the program of work develops. What follows is Colin Hambrook’s summary…

Stephanie Harvey: First steps

I’m Stephanie, a PhD student lucky enough to be working alongside the D4D team. My PhD research is a stand-alone project that compliments some of the D4D workstreams. My project, ‘The identities I carry: being disabled, minority ethnic and more’, will look at how having multiple minority identities can impact on community membership and participation…