In this area you will find academic material, ideas and outputs pertinent to our research into D4D, Disability and Community

Electric Bodies animations

line drawing of a skull with a mohican

Electric Bodies is a series of eight poetry cycles by Allan Sutherland taken from the transcripts of oral history interviews with practitioners from within the Disability Arts Movement. Within the context of the D4D project Electric Bodies aims to examine aspects of disabled artists lives that give voice to some of the main concerns of the disability arts movement. As part of the program Mark Hetherington made the following series of animations, using drawings by Colin Hambrook illustrating Allan Sutherland’s transcription poetry cycles

Leaky Robots – exploring ways a Robot Double can support access to culture for disabled people

still from film

Praminda Caleb-Solly is Co Investigator on the Catch Me If You Can project and team leader for assisted living in the Bristol Robotics Laboratory at UWE. For Catch Me If You Can she has been developing a series of events called Leaky Robots – these events are exploring ways a Robot Double can support access to culture for disabled people  as well as the role new technologies play in giving disabled people greater independence. The Robot Doubledevice is designed to give agency and autonomy through a remote connection.

Disconsortia – A Lyrical Essay

portrait shot of a young woman running a workshop

As part of DAO’s Electric Bodies project – Disconsortia, produced by Vici Wreford-Sinnott – brought twenty disabled artists from the North East of England together at the ARC arts centre in Stockton. Writer-in-residence Lisette Auton reflects on the two-day workshop.