Engaging Empathy through Creativity – Corsham Arts Centre

We warmly invite you to join us on Friday 30th November at the Pound Arts Centre for a one-day conference which will explore the ways in which ‘creativity’, in all its forms, might foster empathy and connectedness in specific populations, as well as in the broader community.

The conference is an opportunity to artists, academics and anyone who has been involved in these ‘creative’ interventions- or is just plain curious- to network and share their experiences.

Papers will include discussion of:

• Empathy in writing, performing, art, music and health. • Empathy and creative writing interventions
• Empathy and arts-based community interventions
• Empathy vs neutrality in journalism
• The psychological and social aspects of empathy
• The brain and empathy
• Empathy and recovery from trauma

For further information please email: Dr Tanvir Bush t.bush@bathspa.ac.uk Cell: 07780 874594

To book directly please call the Pound Arts Centre on: 01240 701628

Light refreshments will be served



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