Disconsortia: an unexpected key

As part of a series of artistic responses from the artist-led initiative Disconsortia, based in the North-east and supported by Disability Arts Online through our D4D project, Lady Kitt shares artwork they have been developing with the support of the collective.

Kitt describes the way they work as a “people-who-make-art-with-people” practice. The focus of their work is the social and political function of creativity, particularly in relation to human rights. Kitt used paper sculpting, performance and research to create objects, events and interactions. They often make work out of, or including, bank notes, using the material to (gently) interrogate ideas of “worth”, particularly relating to gender equality and the use values of hand crafting in a fine art context. An example of this work is Kitt’s ongoing project entitled “WORTH” which comprises of a series of portraits of gender equality activists cut into £50 notes.

Kitt says: I wouldn’t have applied to be part of Disconsortia, if it had been advertised as an opportunity because I would have subconsciously thought there were “better” people to be part of it than me. By inviting me (and by offering support to attend in the form of the honorarium) a barrier was removed. One that I’d, unwittingly, created for myself.

Disconsortia has helped me realize that, part of finding, sharing, celebrating and holding collective territory is about having the confidence to each individually occupy space and be visible. I feel I’ve given a very tangible gift- an unexpected key.

headshot of an artist wearing a sculpted key from their right ear

Lady Kitt

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