disconsortia: a time 2 grow

as part of a series of artistic responses from the artist-led initiative disconsortia, based in the north-east and supported by Disability Arts Online through our D4D project, gobscure posts a duo of images reflecting on the collective.

two artworks made of hand-painted text on a black backgroundthese artworks are made on a black background with multicoloured liquid chalk markers.

the left-hand image on a black background includes various ‘dis’ words – including ‘dissent’ ‘dissident’, ‘disadvantage’ and ‘disappear’, ‘dissidenting’ – in metalic green and white.

the words ‘dissociative daily’ appear in yellow / orange from the bottom left corner up to the top right corner of the image.

over this are the words ‘dis’ at the top; ‘rtn2sender’ (meaning return 2 sender) in the middle and ‘ease’ at the bottom.

in green and neon are the words, written large in a block text: ‘discords playing yr own tunes’.

around the edge of the portrait image in a lighter green are the words ‘disco’, ‘disadvantage-ed’ ‘dis band’, ‘disappear’, ‘discomfit’, ‘discompose’, ‘discredited’, ‘disembark’, ‘discrete’, ‘disdain’, ‘discriminatory’, ‘discuss’.

the right-hand image is a multicoloured flower mostly covering dis words. it has anarchy at its core with its pistils being red hammers. On the stem reads the word ‘disconsortia’ and over it all in (mainly) gold are the phrases ‘time 2 reap’, ‘time 2 sow’, ‘time 2 compost’, ‘time 2 grow’.

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