Disconsortia – a space to explore new work and find impetus to keep creating art

As part of a series of artistic responses from the artist-led initiative Disconsortia, based in the North-east and supported by Disability Arts Online through our D4D project, Pauline Heath shares a collage that reflects her practice.

Disconsortia gives me space to explore new work and the impetus to keep creating art. I have been exploring easily accessed computer-based artmaking tools for some time in my practice. I make gatherings of internet images which resonate with me and repurpose, adjust and re-colour them into collages.

A writer and a performer, my visual work is also predominantly about disability and society. This image reflects how I view where the world is now in the midst of the pandemic.

A collage of images predominantly taken from the game 'snakes and ladders'

screenshot snakes by Pauline Heath

Disconsortia gives us a collective voice. Society says that ‘we are all in this together’ but if we use the metaphor of the Three Little Pigs, those in the houses of bricks are safest. If you’re in the straw or stick houses you’re in trouble. And if the pandemic is a microscope it just makes all those existing problems bigger. Britain is still describing food banks as a success story.

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