Book Launch: ‘Cull’ by Tanvir Bush

Several piles of the novel CULL on a tableAuthor and researcher Dr. Tanvir Bush launched her second novel, “Cull”, at an unusual event in Corsham Town Hall, supported by The Corsham Book Shop. In the video below, she explains why she wrote this dark satire about the current British welfare system. She describes how she created an exciting, funny story with engaging characters, even while it highlights the desperate plight of disabled people in Britain today.

The video features clips from the book launch including the contributions of actors from Make Believe Arts and researchers Miro Griffiths of Leeds University and Esther Fox of Accentuate and the D4D Project, who were able to participate in the launch via video and via a tele-presence robot created by Bristol Robotics and facilitated by Praminda Caleb-Solly.

Find out more on Tanvir’s website:

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