Disconsortia Means

Colly Metcalfe shares a creative response in British Sign Language of the impact of being part of the artists’ collective ‘Disconsortia’ on her practice as an artist. Disconsortia is based in the north-east and supported by Disability Arts Online through our D4D project

Disconsortia means
to be me.
Deaf voice, deaf hands,
allowed to be seen and heard
in a thespian world
where hearing don’t always (accept)….

Disconsortia –
immersed in people
who understand
and support,
fight for the right
to be equal
in a mainstream world
where barriers exist.

We challenge with courage and persist
together as a consortia of crips;
no chips
on our shoulders
just skin thick,
all masters of our crafts.
Disabled pioneers,
bold and determined;
full of skill and fire and passion.

Disability doesn’t mean
we work for free;
we are creatives and creators
deserving of fee.

Together we are mighty.
Here to stay;
my people,
my art,
my way.

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